Anjaneya/Hanuman, monkey-god,  is standing in prayer, hands together in Anjali mudra (offering oneself to the deity).

Hanuman is an ardent devotee and servant of Rama and is one of the central characters in Hindu epic Ramayana.

In South India Hanuman is quite popular and often he is worshipped on his own.

This is in three parts deity, base and backplate. It is made of two different metals, with the deity Hanuman made of copper. This is not uncommon, as copper is seen as ‘higher’ metal than brass.

This image is about 23.5 cm high. It is probably from Andhra Pradesh or Karnataka. The prabhavali, back plate, is typical of that region. Prabhavali has Makara,  Kiritimukha and Naga hood. It is said this is from the 18th century.

Anjaneya Parts


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