Durga on a lion

Durga on a lion

This is eight-armed Durga as Simavahini. The attributes are not discernible.Durga on a lion front

She looks graceful, benevolent and peaceful. That is till you notice the lion stomping a human figure, right front leg. The combination of serenity and Ugra aspect is typical of Durga and Mahishasuramardhini.

This composition is closely related to another Durga in my collection.

Durga on a lion sideSee the diminutive human figure near the lion’s left front leg. Gives perspective to Durga and her vahana for the power and presence.

This idol is from Himachal Pradesh or neighbouring region. The floral pattern on the lion’s front and hindquarters and the lion’s raised tail curving backwards are typical of Himachal Pradesh bronzes.

The idol is about 9 cm in height. The wear and tear is not significant and it is a highly stylised bronze. This may not date earlier than the nineteenth century.

Durga on a lion back.jpg


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