Panjurli Boar-faced

Panjurli boar faced profile

This is Panjurli, a Bhuta figure from Coastal Karnataka. Bhuta translates, roughly, to a demon. But here it is means a spirit. Panjurli Boar facedBhuta worship is common in the areas around Udupi/Mangalore. For more information refer to a blog on Pilichandi, tiger spirit.

Here the boar-faced Bhuta is riding a boar. Note the tusks on the rider as well well his vahana, boar. The rider human-like arms and legs. But instead of toes, he has hooves. The rider is wearing a crown, arm-bands, necklace and anklets. He appears to be draped as well. In his left hand, he has a bell, consistent with what we see in Panjuli with human riders. On his right hand, he would have held a sword.

The patina is a bit too consistent for it to be an antique and this bronze may not date earlier than the twentieth century. Most of Bhuta figures are dated to the eighteenth century or later. It is quite likely the earlier bhuta figures are made of wood and they had limited life.

This bronze is about 11 cm in height.




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