Kandy King (Sri Lanka)

Kandy King

Another exception to ‘Bronzes of India’. This is is from Sri Lanka and it is not a deity.

This bronze depicts a Kandy king in a formal and regal attire. Kandy was one of the Kandy King backkingdoms in Sri Lanka. That name is carried forward by the one-time capital city, Kandy.

I have come across King and Queen pairs in bronze, ivory and wood. It is not unusual for them to be separated. This is one of the better examples I have come across.

The King’s attire is layered. The borders of the lower garment and shoulder pad show patterned inserts of copper and white metal. This is probably done by a jeweller. The inserts and incised patterns on necklace, chest plate and on the waistband are worth noting and admiring. See the picture of his torso, below, for the details.

Strangely enough, this lovely piece of art portraying a proud king is made to be a candleholder. There is a circular hole on his head.

This bronze is about 16 cm in height. It is solid cast and is very heavy.

This is probably from the Nineteenth century when Sri Lanka was under British Rule.


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