Dancing Krishna

Dancing Krishna

Krishna is identified by the butter ball in his right hand and pinched hair do. A three piece construction, base, prabhavali and deity, that is typical of Deccan.

This bronze shows signs of worship. Notice the red pigment and wear.

This Krishna is clad in full length Dhoti, the lower garment. Normally Krishna in this form is shown naked, except for ornaments. See another example on this blog.Prabhavali and base

Intricate designs and incisions can be seen all through. So many different patterns. One of the special features is the Vaishnavite symbols, chakra and conch shell, in the Prabhavali positioned just above the Makara’s hind side. See the photo on the side.

Rare to see a full matched set. It is quite likely this was used as central piece in a home altar. The design features are too many to list and have added additional pictures.

This is probably from North Deccan (made of brass, loops at the back of Prabhavali, ear ornaments design..). This may date to the Nineteenth century.

The bronze is about 14 cm in height.


Three piece constructionDecoration on the base

Prabhavali back


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