Rama Sita Hanuman


Sita Rama Hanuman

This is Rama and Sita. There are no identifying attributes in Rama’s or Srama-sita-hanuman-sideita’s hands. It is the Hanuman at Rama’s right foot that identifies the bronze.

Rama’s right hand is in Abhaya Mudra and his left hand is holding Sita by her left thigh. Sita’s right hand is holding a lotus and her left hand is holding Rama’s left hand as if to keep it there. Almost human-like show of affection from the deities, especially from Rama and Sita. Unusual in South Indian bronzes.  Click on the picture on your right to see the details.

Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Rama is holding Rama’s legs and is facing the devotees. Hanuman is worshipped on his own as well.

TSita rama Hanuman backhis bronze is about 7.5 cm in height. This is meant for home or personal worship. There is considerable ritual wear. This may not date prior to the eighteenth century. This may be from North Karnataka region, going by the shape of the crown and ear ornaments.

For comparison, I have included below another Rama Sita and Hanuman group. This one from Orissa.  In that example, Hanuman is shown in a simian form. The bronze, in this blog, shows Hanuman with simian face and tail but with a human body.


Rama Sita seatedrama-sita-hanuman


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