Veerabhadra (Plaque-like sculpture)

Veerabhara plaque

This is Veerabhadra, identified by his attributes and the accompanying figures. Veerabhadra is holding a sword, an arrow, a bow and a shield in his hands. Clockwise starting from the lower right.Veerabhadhra profile

Daksha, with goat head, and Bhadrakali with a sword and shield flank Veerabhandra. Daksha is in Anjali mudra, offering his payers. Normally it is Sati who accompanies Veerabhadra. In this example you see Bhadrakali.  In some parts of India, Northern Karnataka, Bhadrakali is considered Veerabhadra’s consort.

For the full story of Veerabharda please refer to another blog on this site.

Other figures on this plaque include Linga (the aniconic form of Siva) and Nandi at the top corners, Sun and moon sign above the Linga and Nandi (top corner),  a worshipper, an outline of Linga and Ganesha below the platform on which the main figures are standing. The Sun and Moon signs are meant to indicate the eternal nature of the deity.

This is not an embossed plaque. It is a cast piece. It is three-dimensional. See the profile.

Veerabhadra is standing in Samapada with a huge presence, dwarfing Daksha and Bhadrakali in more than one way. Note Saivite mark (three horizontal lines) on his forehead, the dagger on his right hip and the garland of skulls.

Also worth noting is the fact Veerabhadra’s shield (supported by a Cobra head) and Bhadrakali’s shield (supported by a spherical object) do not touch the ground.


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