This highly worn and, possibly, recarved Vigraha is Umamaheshwara. The identification is based of Siva’s attribute.

In his rear hands, Siva is holding a Trishul and a serpent. His front hands are holding a Citroen and Uma’s waist. Uma is holding a lotus in her left hand.

Siva is perched on his vahana, a bull. The figures on the prabhavali are worn for any meaningful identification.

What is above Siva’s head may be Ganga, as you can just recognize the ears. A crown or Jatamakuta will be an extension of the head rather than have the ‘pinched’ look as is the case here.

The base and the way the Vigraha is braced to the Prabhavali is typical of Western and Central India. The combination of Trishul and Serpent as attributes is uncommon. Such a combination is common in Pratihara sculptures and they are generally dated to the 8th-10th century.

The silver inlay work appears to be a later work and, anyway, the shape of the eyes, rectangular, is unusual.

The Vigraha is about 10 cm in height. The smoothened surface, esp the bottom and the back, suggest significant age.


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