Anjaneya Singing Bhajan

Hanuman, Anjaneya… refer to Lord Rama’s ardent devotee. Here he is seen singing Bhajans, devotional songs, worshiping his master Rama.

Anjaneya is totally engrossed in what he is doing. On his right hand he is holding Tanpura, a plucked string musical instrument. On his left hand he is holding a manuscript containing the Bhajans. Anjaneya is on his knees in supplication.

Kneeling on one knee is a sign of devotion, reverence in Hinduism. Such kneeling is a common practice in other faiths as well. Here is what Luke Bretherton wrote in The Washington Post (September 29, 2017) during the famous NFL episode of taking a knee. ” (In a Church) kneeling, whoever did it, was a sign of respect. It was veneration embodied. It declared that there was something beyond me, greater than me, that needed to be honored in the most obvious and straightforward way possible: by kneeling down.”

Another symbol/act, in addition to Swastika, that has got distorted with time.

The features to note include the manuscripts in his hands, the string that holds the manuscripts together (there are some leaves on the floor), the knee length Vanamala, his robust body and the delineation of fingers of his left hand. See the photo on the side. The last feature is remarkable as one would not notice it unless you hold the Vigraha upside down and inspect. That did not stop the artist from caring for it.

This bronze is from South India, maybe Tamil Nadu. It may date to the 18th century or earlier. The Vigraha is about 6.2 cm in height.


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