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Kamakshi temple utsav

This is from Kamakshi Temple in Kanchipuram.

My first ever visit to Nagareshu Kanchipuram. After paying the customary visit to the Chitragupta temple, got to the Kamakshi temple.

After Darshan, I was walking around soaking in the atmosphere. It is the best-maintained temple, of comparative size, that I have come seen. Well looked after garden, clean temple tank, well thought out extensions for the darshan queue and even ‘cones’ to mark slippery area. The temple is under Kamakoti Peetam’s management and I hope they get to manage more temples.Kamakshi temple utsav closeup

During the loitering, I noticed preparatory activities for a procession and stayed back. And I was rewarded. The photos are from that procession.

The picture on top shows Kamakshi Amman, the Utsav Vigraha, on the chariot and captures some of the ambiences.

In the closeup picture, you can see Kamakshi’s vahana a lion is a stuffed toy. Just above the charioteer, four-headed Brahma. Could not help but get my cell phone camera out and take some pictures. All the while smiling and telling myself ‘I can not believe it’.

An Utsav in a temple being managed by a highly revered and conservative Math and they use a stuffed toy as vahana.

It is either the times are changing or someone has a sense of humour or, maybe, both. To admit, the presence of the stuffed toy as the vahana did not affect the moment.

The only thing that is constant is change.

PS: The photo was taken on 22nd December 2019.


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