Lakshmi Narayana

Lakshmi narayana with prabhavali

Brass shrine depicting Lakshminarayana. It is Vishnu with his consort Lakshmi. Here the  four-armed Vishnu holding his consort, Lakshmi, seated on his left lap, seated together on a double lotus. His vahana is at  the front,  diminutive figure of Garuda.

Lower garment of Vishnu is draped in an unusual fashion. Normally it is tightly wrapped around the thighs and here it almost looks like a kilt. I have seen pGaruda of Lakshmi Narayanaictures one Vishnu idol from Chitrapur Math  with dhoti draped in similar fashion.

This is probably from North Karnataka or Maharashtra. Brass is commonly used in Maharashtra for making idols. The loops at the back of the Prabhavali is typical of that region.

Iconography of Garuda, in this case, is different to that of typical South Indian. Notice the human like face and absence of beak like nose and claws in the feet as opposed to toes.

It is in three sections , Base (Peetha), back plate (Prabhavali) and idol. This is probably from the 18th century. This is about 21.5 cm in height.

LakshminarayanaLakshminarayana back viewLN prabhvali



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