This is Annapurna, literally one who is full of food to give to her devotees. Normally she is shown with two hands, holding in one hand a jewelled vessel containing food and in the other a spoon to distribute the food.  When she has four hands, the rear hands hold noose and hook.Annapurna back

Annapurna is associated with Siva and, in Nepal, she is sometimes represented as one of the consorts of Shiva. (T. E. Donaldson, Siva Parvati and Allied Images Vol I, Page 122).

The most famous temple for Annapurna is in Benares (Varanasi) and the temple dates back to 18th century. Considering that Annapurna is one of the mother goddesses, like Prithvi and Lakshmi, and is associated with one of the basic needs, it is surprising that are not very many temples dedicated to Annapurna.  She is also called Visalakshi, the broad-eyed.

It is interesting to note, Vishnu as the presiding duty of kitchen is called Annamurti. In Srirangam, in the main temple, there is a shrine dedicated to Annamurti.

In our house Annapurna, the above figure sits in the kitchen.

The idol is 8.3 cm in height and has worship related wear. It may be from North Andhra or neighbouring districts in Orissa.

8 March 2020:  David Bennie pointed out this Vigraha may be from North Andhra Place. The styling corresponds to that region. Updated the blog accordingly.


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