Bhairava and Bhairavi

Bhairava and Bhairavi.jpg

This is Bhairava and Bhairavi. They are identified by their matching attributes. They are holding sword, trident, drum and bowl. Starting from the lower right hand and clockwise. Bhairava and Bhairavai back.jpg

Bhairava is sitting in Lalithasana and whereas Bhairavi is sitting in Ardha Padmasana. They are on hour-glass shaped base which in turn is supported by Bhadrapeetha.

For more details, see a related example of Bhairava and Bhairavi on this site.

The bronze is only about 7.5 cm in height. Their sharing the pedestal makes this special.

This bronze is most likely to be from North Karnataka. This may date to the nineteenth century or a bit earlier.


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