This is Vaishnavi, identified by her holding lotus, Mace, chakra and Shankha in her hands. Starting from lower right hand. Vaishnavi is standing on Samapada, without any bend, on a plain three-tiered pedestal.

The prabhavali, again a plain one, is topped by Kalasa(water pot) or a flame.

This bronze seems to have been cleaned, but traces of workship remains. See the crown. Nose, mouth and forehead show worship related wear.

Some people treat Vaishnavi as the Sakthi part of Vishnu rather than associate with her Devi. When she is treated as a part of Devi, Vaishnavi is normally a part of Saptamatrika (seven mothers) group. Here she appears on her own and meant to be worshipped that way.

Her ornaments, two chains, stepped crown and bangles is rather sparse.

The colour of the metal, the long ear ornaments, stepped crown and plain prabhavali suggests this bronze is from North Deccan.

The bronze is about 13.5 cm in height. This bronze may not date prior to the nineteenth century.


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