A male deity

More questions than answers. Sometimes it is a good thing.

We have a male figure sitting in Padmasana with his hands at chest level. The prabhavali, topped by a Kalasa, and the decorated peetha suggest this is a deity. That is what we know.

The hands are in some Muddra and that poses the first question. The hands are extended along his chest level and the palms, are placed on each other. The pose is quite relaxed and with the eyes closed. The deity appears to be in meditation. So far I have not come across any book that explains this mudra.

Second question. Who is he? There are no attributes, Vahana or accompanying figures. No obvious context. He is wearing a sacred thread if that helps. One suggestion I got, from Siddharth, is this represents Chandrasekhara. That suggestion is based on the crescent moon on the prabhavali, just above his head. Possible.

The hair locks running on the sides, the Kalasa finial and the beaded rim of the base suggest this Vigraha is from Odisha. The Vigraha is about 10 cm in height. It may be dated prior to the nineteenth century.

In one of the articles I read, by Dr Kumud Kanitkar on Possible illustration of the mode of Surya worship, the author quotes Agnipurana and mentions several mudras prescribed for Surya worship.

“Chapter 73 of the Purana deals with the mode of worshipping Surya. As part of this worship ritual, are prescribed certain mudras such as Bimbamudra, Padmamudra, Bilvamudra, Dhenumudra and Govisana mudra at different stages in that order.
Bimbamudra is explained as intertwining fingers representing a form.
Padmamudra as intertwining of fingers representing a lotus.
Bilvamudra is vaguely described as intertwining of fingers in a particular way.
Dhenumudra is fingers folded in the shape of a cow.
Govishanamudra is a formulation of fingers representing the horn of a cow”

That suggests this Mudra (palms placed at chest level facing and touching each other) is specific to the worship of some deity. Which one?


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