Mardini (Gujarat)

Mardini Gujarat

This is Four-armed Mahishasuramardini (Mardini for short) from Gujarat. She is holding Trishul, sword and a bell in her hands. Clockwise and starting from her lower right hand. Mardini is pulling Mahisha, by his hair,  with her lower left hand. Mardini Back Gujarat

The severed head of the buffalo, on which Madini is standing, is lying on the peetha on her left side. Mardini’s vahana, the lion, is standing on her right side.

Mardini is in the act of plunging the Trishul into the buffalo’s body.  Mahisha, while emerging from the Buffalo’s body, is all set to fight Mardini. The sword is drawn and the shield is in place.  The obvious mismatch in size does not seem to matter to him.

One of the uncommon aspects of this Vigraha is Mardini holding a bell. For a four-armed Mardini, it is a rarer feature. Normally a shield is matched with the sword.  Rani ki Vav, a stepwell in Patan, near Ahmedabad has some stone sculptures of Mardini with a bell. Heras Institute of Indian History has an example of four-armed Mardini holding a bell instead of a shield and it is attributed to Gujarat.

This Vigraha is from Western India, possibly Gujarat. The Vigraha is about 14.5 cm in height. There are some inscriptions at the back. This may be dated to the eighteenth century.



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