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Acquired the first piece in the mid-1980s and it was only after 2010, the momentum picked up. I enjoy buying pieces as much as being curious about them.

The links to the bronzes in the picture above are:

Back row, our left to right: Dhatr Surya, Hanuman, Udupi Krishna, Dattatreya and Vishnu

Front row: Gajalakshmi, Shadakshari Lokeshwara, Uma Shaita, Yoga Narasimha, Mahaganapati, Anantasayana, Gajalakshmi on vahana, Annapurna and Crawling Krishna.

This site is an attempt to learn more about Indian Bronzes.  Hopefully, we get satisfactory answers for ‘who, what, how, when and why’.

My contact is padmanabhan.sridhar@gmail.com. If you have something to share or want to know more about the pieces, I would love to hear and will respond to every email.

The bronzes are owned by me and they are not for sale.

Please feel free to use the images and/or text for non-commercial purposes. Acknowledging the source will be appreciated.

It is difficult to determine the age of the pieces given the range of deities, materials, regions and varied nature of use. I have adopted what the seller has stated or made a more conservative assessment. All age estimates are just that.

Been publishing at least one blog /piece every week since November 2015 and this will keep me busy for some time to come (As of Aug 2022).


Sharing my passion

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