Vishnu (Nepal)

Vishnu Nepal

This is Vishnu, the ‘preserver’ of the Hindu Trinity. Shiva (as the destroyer) and Bramha (as the creator) complete The Trinity.Vishnu Nepal back

Vishnu is holding Chakra (Wheel), Gada (Mace), Kamala (Lotus) and Shankha (Conch Shell) in his hands. Clockwise starting from his lower right hand. These attributes identify Vishnu.

Vishnu is wearing a full-length garment with side tassels. Yajnopavita (the Sacred Thread), long necklace, two short necklaces, armbands, wristbands, a tall crown and beautifully made earrings complete the set of ornaments.

Back is not worked on, except to give continuity to Yajnopavita and the necklaces. Note the Sirachakra. At one stage there might have been a Halo around Vishnu’s head, note the depressions on his upper hands (back view).

The outer metal ring in the pedestal is a recent addition. You can see why in the photo below.

This Vishnu is from Nepal and has some age. This Vigraha may be dated to the eighteenth century or earlier.  Dating this Vigraha on the basis of style was a challenge as I have not come across another similar one. Styling of Chakra, Lower garment, earrings and decoration protruding just above his ears are some of the unusual details. The quality of casting is significantly better than average.

The height with the pedestal is about 15 cm. Vishnu Vigraha is about 10.5 cm in height.

Vishnu parts


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