Lakshmi (Nepal)

Lakshmi Nepal

This is Lakshmi, as depicted in Nepal. The attributes and vahana differ from Lakshmi’s  iconography in India.

Lakshmi nepal vahanaIn her rear hands, she is holding Darpana (mirror) and Sinhamoo (vermilion container). Her right foot is resting on a tortoise, her Vahana. Interestingly the tortoise is placed on a lotus. Lakshmi’s front hands are in boon bestowing (Varada) mudra and protection (Abhaya) mudra.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and the consort of Vishnu, as per Nepalese tradition as well.Lakshmi Nepal back

In Nepal, the Buddhism and Hinduism traditions overlap as shown by the consecration mark Viswavajra at the bottom (photo below) and the billowing scarf draped around Lakshmi’s shoulders.

There is some ritual wear, especially on her face.

The Vigraha is about 12 cm in height and it may be dated to the nineteenth century.

Note: Nepal is known for its handicrafts and Lakshmi is one of the popular topics.    In this case, the presence of her vahana, consecration plate and mark, wear in her face and the way the mirror and vermillion pot is held suggest this may be a ‘non-handicraft’ bronze.

Lakshmi Nepal bottom


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