Khandobha and consort (standing)

Khandobha with Mahalsa Standing

This is Khandobha and his consort Mahalsa. The identification is based on the dog to Khandobha’s right. Khandobha’s worship is prevalent in parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra.

Most of the depictions of Khandobha show him riding a horse with his consort, Mahalsa,  on his lap or sitting behind him. This bronze may be a local depiction of Khandobha.

The ornaments, with the exception of earrings, and lower garments match. It looks like Mahalsa held a sword.

This is a much-worshipped idol with the remnants of worship (Kumkum powder). The wear appears to be genuine. Note the heap of five spherical objects on the base.

This idol is about 11.5 cm high. The prabhavali is missing. It is from North Karnataka. This may date to the nineteenth century.

Khandobha with Mahalsa standing back


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