Murugan with Parrot

Murugan with parrot

This folk bronze is identified as Murugan on the basis of his holding spear, wearing footwear (Paduka), the parrot on his shoulder and his hairstyle. See Palani Andavar, on this site, for a similar hairstyle.

Murugan is another name for Subramanya and he is a son of Siva and Uma/Parvati.

A simple bronze, at a height of 34 cm, almost certainly made for worship in a temple. The prabhavali, now missing, may have added another 5-10 cm to its height.  This is one of the largest bronzes in my collection.Murugan back

Despite the simple folk nature of the bronze, efforts were taken to show patterns in the waist belt/the lower garment/ side flares. Also the details include sacred belt, pattern on the necklace, rings on his fingers and the anklets.

Take the time to see the rear view and enjoy his five strands of- braided hair, gap between hair braids and neck and the continuity of the sacred thread and necklace.

Worth noting is the mustache, indicating the non-Brahminical aspect of this bronze and the realistic portrayal of his torso.

Association of Murugan with the parrot is explained in part of local folklore. See second page of the blog.

This bronze probably dates to the 19th century. It is almost certainly from the Tamil speaking part of South India (Tamil Nadu, South Karnataka and South Andhra Pradesh). The folklore relating Murugan to Parrot is so close to Tiruvannmalai, it would not surprise me if this bronze is from that town or its neighborhood.

Murugan HairMurugan



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