This is Lakshman, Rama’s half-brother. We will come to the identification a bit later.

Lakshman is standing in Samapada (without any bend) on an inverted lotus pedestal. His hands are in Anjali mudra, he is worshipping his half-brother Rama. The bow is tucked between his left hand and his torso. The quiver is slung over his right shoulder.

Lakshman is wearing a full length lower garment. He is adorned with the regular set of ornaments. Lakshman’s crown suggests Vijayanagar influence.

This Vigraha is meant to be a part of a set Ram Durbar, which would include Rama, Sita, Bharat, Shatrugana, Anjaneya and Lakshman.

See the example of Ram Durbar in this collection. In that example, Lakshman is standing next to seated Rama, on his right but at a lower level. In this Rama Durbar example, Lakshman is identified by association. Lakshman’s iconography of our example matches that in the Ram Durbar

This Vigraha is about 10 cm in height and it is, most likely, from Tamil Nadu. This Vigraha may be dated to the nineteenth century.

This blogsite also has an example of Shatrugana.


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