Dancing Krishna


Krishna dancing

One more dancing Krishna and at 15 cm it is much larger than the one blogged earlier. Very chubby and very heavy. But less detailed than the smaller one and there is significant ritual wear.Krishna Dancing back

Krishna is standing on one leg on a Padmapeetha which is supported by a Bhadrapeetha. He is holding a butter ball in his right hand and his left hand is extended out. Krishna’s face is quite serene and is quite adult-like. It is not unusual to see child Krishna with adult faces in bronzes from Karnataka.

Though Krishna is wearing the usual set of ornaments his headgear, ears, shoulder, armlets, bracelets, necklaces and chains, griddle and anklets, he does look plain. Back is worked on and has worn more than the front.

This Krishna is from Karnataka. Hair has done as a bun, chubbiness and material used lead me to that assessment. Its height is about 15 cm. This may be from the 19th century or a bit earlier.

Below is Dancing Krishna from Orissa. It is in worship in a home shrine. Thanks to Sidharth. It is estimated to be at least 200 years old.

Dancing Krishna Orissa

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