Vishnu (Himachal)

This is Vishnu, that is whatever is left of the Vigraha. A real survivor.

The identification is based on the attributes on the right hands, mace in the upper hand and conch shell in the lower hand, and the remaining portions of Vanamala. See this example of Vishnu with Vanamala.

The remaining portion is about 14 cm in height.

One of my favorite books, Antiquities of Himachal, 1985, by M Postel, A Neven and K Mankodi, has a few examples that match closely with the subject of this blog. Two such examples are included here (Below). Thanks to the publishers and the authors.

Going by the examples in the book Antiquities of Himachal, this Vigraha is from Uttar Pradesh and may be dated to the eleventh-twelfth century. A real survivor.

Back view

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