Vishnu Triad (Himachal Pradesh?)

Vishnu Triad

Here Vishnu, the central figure, is holding Kamala (Lotus),  Shankha (Conch shell), Chakra (Discuss) and Gada (Mace). Starting with lower righthand clockwise. Vishnu triad side

The prabhavali is topped by Kalasa, identifying this bronze to be from North of Vindhyas. The diminutive size of the attendants and the Vanamala, a garland of flowers, furthers that suggestion. The gada (mace), anchored by his left lower hand, is taller than the attendants.

See the side view to note the thinness of the prabhavali and the way the deities are attached to the prabhavali. The back is hollowed, suggesting this bronze could be from Himachal Pradesh.

The features to note are the Vishnu’s stepped crown, Anjali mudra of the attendant on the right suggesting it is not one of the consorts, plain but stepped base.

This bronze is about 7.5 cm in height and almost certainly made for home worship. While this bronze has the age, lots of it, it is difficult to estimate the age as I have not come across comparable pieces.  For now, my estimate is it is few hundred years old.



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