Elephant with three riders

Elephant with riders left

This was identified as Khandobha and consort by the seller and so far I have not seen any other Khandobha riding an elephant. Khandobha’s vahana is a horse.

However, this bronze depicts a deity and his consort. Note the crown, padmasana Elephant with riders rightposture and the sword in his right arm.  His consort is holding a lotus in her right arm.

This folk bronze, notice the bulging eyes, may have been in worship. The remnants of powders used can be seen. There is no visible wear relating to ritual cleaning.

The elephant is fully decked and has a  chain with bells around its neck. The mahout, the elephant rider cum keeper, is sitting astride and is holding Ankush, elephant goad, in his right hand.

This bronze is about 8 cm in height. Most likely this is from Western India. Do not have any guess as to the age and it is unlikely to be earlier than the nineteenth century.





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