Ram Darbar

Sometimes you get lucky. This is the second Ram Darbar in my collection. The Vigraha depicts Bharata, Rama and Sita, Shatrugana, Lakshman, and Hanuman at Rama’s feet.

For a detailed discussion on the iconography please see the blog on the first Vigraha.

The picture below is for comparison purposes.

There are significant differences in the design. The iconography is preserved. The design differences include (the reference is to the subject of this blog) the absence of short legs supporting the Bhadrapeetha, all figures being at the same level, more muscular depiction, (broad shoulders of the male figures), positioning of Lakshman (more appropriate in this example), shorter crowns (especially noticeable in the case of Sita’s crown) and Hanuman touching Rama’s feet Vs Hanuman holding something.

The subject of this blog is a later Vigraha. Both are influenced by Vijayanagar iconography. This Vigraha is about 10.5 cm in height. It is most likely from Karnataka.


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