Veera Anjaneya

This is Veera Anjaneya, a form that became very popular since the Vijayanagar days. In Karnataka and Telugu speaking areas this is probably the most frequently occurring iconography.

Anjaneya is seen striding with his right hand raised. His ornamentation is profuse (Earrings, Necklaces, armband, wristbands, anklets and waistband).

Other than the aggressive gesture with his right hand (one could possibly interpret it as Abhaya mudra), note the dagger on the right side of his waist belt. The hand gesture, dagger and the muscular body goes with the name Veera Anjaneya. Since Vijayanagar period the martial side of Hanuman became prominent as compared to devotion and humility in the earlier periods.

Anjaneya’s left hand is meant to hold a tree branch, like in the examples of Veera Anjaneya plaque.

This vigraha is about 7.5 cm in height and it is from Karnataka. Other than the subject matter, the physical features lead to the regional attribution. This vigraha may not date prior to 1850 CE or so.


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