Seated Rama and Sita


Sitarama with HanumanA delightful piece. Rama with Sita sitting on Rama’s lap and a playful monkey, Hanuman.

The presence of Hanuman, a monkey, quiver (back view) and the bow is Rama’s left hand identifies the piece as such. The casting of the bow is amazing.

Rama, though an avatar of Vishnu, is shown with only two arms as per the norm. Rama is holding a lotus in his right hand. Sita is holding a lotus in her right hand and her left hand is resting on her left knee. Both Rama and Sita are sitting in lalitasana with Sita’s posture mirroring that of Rama.Sitarama Hanuman back

Hanuman, shown as a playful monkey, is touching Rama’s feet showing respect. A common practice in India even today.

With the positioning of Hanuman in the pose that, the sculpture has managed to create a three-dimensional piece. The body of the sculpture, both Rama and Hanuman, extend beyond the base.

Rama and Sita are shown with chubby features and the back is relatively plain.This is most probably from Eastern India, maybe Orissa.

There is light wear and tear. The patina is deep. No guess as to the age.

This piece is about 5.5 cm in height and the depth is about 4 cm.




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