SA390 Amitayus

This is Buddha Amitayus meaning Buddha of limitless life. Amitayus is a meditational deity belongs to Mahayana and Vajrayana.

Here Amitayus is seated in a Yoga meditation posture (Padmasana and hand position), but with a vase (Kalasha) in his hands. The Kalasha contains the nectar of immortality (Amrita) and the Kalasha topped by leaves of the Ashoka tree. The Kalasha and the Ashoka tree leaves symbolize “a long life without the misery (Shoka) of disease”. SA390 Amitayus back

This is two-piece construction. See the back view for the details. The top portion, up to the hip, is hollow cast. The bottom portion is made using repousse technique and the patterns on the lower garment are engraved. The alloy of the top portion and the bottom portion may be slightly different.

Amitayus is given the full set of ornaments five-leafed crown, necklaces, impressive earrings, armbands, wrist bands and waist belt.

The opening at the back of his head maybe for the consecration purposes.

The downcast look is typical of Buddhas from the Himalayan region. It is the serenity in his face that made the purchase decision for me.  He is now perched on a row of books on my desk and the clutter he sees does not seem to affect his serene posture.

The Vigraha is about 25 cm in height and it is from Nepal. This may be dated to the nineteenth century.

Note: The picture on our left is how the Amitayus looked when I bought him. Curious to see the patterns on his lower garments, I cleaned the bronze. Just water and mild detergent. At times curiosity comes with a cost.





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