Krishna standing with flute


This is adolescent looking Krishna is holding butter ball in his right hand and flute in his left hand. Krishna’s hair bun is decorated on top and in the pinched part. Ornamentation is profuse and appears to be complete. krishna-butter-flute-back

Krishna is wearing short dhoti, lower garment, and it is held in place with waist chain. His forehead is showing vaishnavites marking (Namam). As is the tradition in South India, Krishna is barefoot.

Krishna is standing, slightly bent, with his weight on his left foot almost as if he about to step forward. Krishna is standing on Padmapeetha (Lotus pedestal), which in turn is supported by square Bhadrapeetha.

The bronze is about 17.5 cm in height. The details are not that of classical bronzes. The disproportionate size of butter ball and rather large hair bun are jarring. This may not be earlier than the 20th century. It is almost certainly from South India.

This is included in the blog to illustrate the range of forms used to express devotion to Krishna.


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