Smoking pipe

Smoking pipe frontal

There are times when I stray from the main theme, Vigrahas from India.  The pull of curiosity is stronger than the commitment to the theme and this is one such occasion. Pipe right (Kinnari)

This is a smoking pipe from Burma or possibly Thailand. This is probably meant for Tobacco smoking and the opium pipes tend to be narrower and longer.

The theme, a human figure with hands in Anjali mudra,  is Indic religion (Hinduism or Buddhism) influenced.

India has similar smoking pipes called Chillum or Chilam for smoking opium. Chillums are normally straight conical pipes.

The pipe is about 12 cm long and 9 cm tall. There is some wear to the bottom. This may not date earlier than the nineteenth century.

Pipe (Kinnari) top


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