Deepalakshmi (Kerala)

Deepalakshmi Kerala

This Deepalaskhmi (literally translates to Lakshmi with lamp) is from Kerala. Despite carrying the name Lakshmi, Vishnu’s consort, she is not a goddess. It is a lady holding a lamp. But lamps are worshipped in Hinduism.

The way the ornaments are applied suggests this bronze is from Kerala. It is folkish in nature. She is wearing a full length lower garment, just a wraparound. Its local name is mundu. The back is not worked, except for her braided hair.

The face is largish and masculine. I quite like the way the eyelashes and eyebrows are shown. The ornamentation is complete.

The container in her hands is the receptacle of oil for an oil-and-wick lamp.

This is about 17 cm in height and it may date to the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century.

For comparison see another Deepalakshmi, from Tamil Nadu,  on this blog-site.


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