Vishnu Triad (Gujarat?)

Vishnu Triad Gujarat

This is Vishnu, identified by Gada (mace) and Chakra (discuss) in his upper hands and the Vanamala, calf-length flower garland. He may be holdingVishnu traid Gujarat side Shankha (conch) in his lower left hand. It is too worn-out for positive identification.

Here Vishnu is accompanied by two consorts, each holding a lotus.  The figures in front of the consorts are likely to be worshippers/donors.

Vishnu and the consorts are standing individually raised pedestals, shaped like inverted lotuses.

This bronze is quite worn, partly due to a long period of ritual use and the shallow incisions.

See the profile for the robust bracing of main figures to the Prabhavali, the backplate. The back is not worked on as is typical with non-South India bronzes.

The bronze is about 15.5 cm in height. It is most likely from Central India or western India. And maybe from Gujarat.

For comparison shown Vishnu Triad from Gujarat below.



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