Standing Vishnu

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Identification of the bronze posed few challenges. Normally it is the case when the attributes and/or vahana are missing. The choice was between Vishnu and Surya. In my view it is Vishnu.Standing Vishnu Back

  • He is holding a lotus bud in his left upper hand. Surya holds a lotus in bloom.
  • Based on the remnants, the attribute on the upper right hand appears to be different from that in the upper left hand. In the case of Surya, as he holds lotuses in both hands you would expect the attributes to match.
  • His lower hands appear to hold attributes and in the case of Surya they are more likely to be in Abhaya and Varada Mudra
  • It is the Makara Kundala (Earrings shaped in the form of Makara) that clinches the issue. Go ahead and zoom-in the above photograph. It is only Vishnu who wears Makara Kundala on both the ears.

The material used (brass), the absence of Vanamala, beaded rim and the peaked crown with tiara like part suggest this Vishnu is from Orissa.

A similar bronze, slightly smaller, is published in the book ‘ Art of the Indian Subcontinent From the Los Angeles Collections” Page 63, Item 84 is attributed to Western India and is dated to the 14th-16th century.

The bronze is about 27 cm high. This bronze may date prior to the seventeenth century.




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