Rama and Lakshman (Tribal)

Rama and Lakshman

A tribal Vigraha possibly may be made for trade but is included in this website as the motif is traditional and there is something uncommon about it. More about it later.

The vigraha shows three male figures in front of Linga, aniconic form of Siva, and a bull, Siva’s vahana. The three figures are framed by a serrated prabhavali which is topped by a Kalasa. The Sun and the Moon symbols on the prabhavali help us to narrow down the region where this Vigraha could be from. Rama and lakshman Back

A similar Vigraha is featured in the book ‘Die Anderen Gotter’ (The other Gods) edited by Cornelia Mallebrein. Reference is to an article by Monika Hostmann, page 98 and figure 46. As per the article, this Vigraha is from Nasik/Thane region.  Below is the Google translation of the description in the book (with minor edits to the translated version).

Held in the middle of the group hero Rama holds in his hand arrow and bow. On his right is his brother Lakshmana with a water catch in his right hand, with his left he holds the bridle of Nandi sitting in front of him. Rama’s brother Satrughna, who accompanied him during the exile, holding a staff with both hands. All three worship the Linga, the Lord Siva. The bull Nandi, the mount of Siva, joins them. The sun symbol, a round disk and the crescent moon adorn the upper edge of the massive jagged wreath”

One of the reasons for this blog is the reference to Satrugana joining Rama and Lakshmana in the worship of Siva, in the form of Linga. It is generally accepted that Rama and Lakshman worshipped Siva’s aniconic form, the Linga, before leaving for Sri Lanka in search of Sita (Bengal and Tamil Nadu mythologies). But as per the ‘mainstream Ramayana’ Satrughana was not with them at that time.

The other reason is the usual weakness to show simplicity in the way faith is demonstrated in folk and tribal Vigrahas.

As per the above article, the Vigraha is from Nasik/Thane region. This may not date prior to the 20th century.  The vigraha is about 9 cm in height.


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