Ganesha HP 2

A delight to hold and to look at. Four armed Ganesha in tribhanga position, almost breaking into a dance.

Aksamala (prayer beads) and a pot filled with sweets are on his lower hands. As it is common with Ganesha’s image, his trunk is reaching the sweets. Some link his ample belly to his liking sweets.  The attributes of his upper hands are damaged. Ganesha Himachal back

His face is worn with ritual use but the eyes are discernible. The bottom is worn smooth indicating prolonged use.

Prominent sacred thread, plain pedestal, big ears and broken left tusks are some of the features worth noting.

The pattern on the asymmetrically placed scarf and a similar pattern on the central part of the lower garment help us in relating this bronze the well known Gauri Sankara group brass from Chamba. Refer Page 106, Fig 130 The Antiquities of Himachal by M Postel, A Neven and K Mankodi.

The bronze is about 9 cm in height and it is likely to be from Himachal Pradesh. The relation to the Gauri Sankara image referred above suggests this bronze may be from the 10th/11th century.

I showed photos of this bronze to some of my collector friends and dealers. Invariably it brought an appreciative smile to their faces. One of the few bronzes that connect with people instantly.

27 Oct 2018: According to B N Aryan  (  this is “Kashmiri style probably by a Chamba craftsman”

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