Tripura – A form of Gauri/Parvati

This is Tripura, one of the six forms of Gauri. Interesting. While the form is well known (There are two more examples in my collection), the name is not. Below is the iconography as described in T A Gopinath Rao’s Elements of Hindu Iconography Volume one, Part II, Page 361.

The description is clear. In one of the earlier blogs I had identified the Goddess as Maheshwari and it is now corrected.

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco identifies a sculpture with attributes and form similar to the example here, as Tripura Sundari. Incidentally four-armed Tripura Sundari will carry an arrow and a bow in her front hands and is associated with Siva as Tripura Vijaya. In the example of Tripura Vijaya, Parvati/Uma is shown with two arms when accompanying her consort Siva. This is as per the norms.

The cylindrical crown, the spurring and the design of the base for it slide into a peetha enables us to assign this Vigraha to Karnataka region.

This is a post-Vijayanagar Vigraha and may date to the 17th-18th century. This Vigraha is about 8 cm in height.

This blog site has another example of Tripura, earlier mislabeled as Maheshwari. Below the two Tripuras are shown together for comparison. A detailed comparison is for another post.

28 Jan 2021: Few of the readers suggested this could be Bhuvaneshwari. According to T A G Rao, Bhubaneshwari’s should sport a crescent moon on her crown. Otherwise the iconography is same as that of Tripura.


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