Ganesha Lamp (Nepal)

Lamps are an integral part of the Hindu way of life. Be it celebrations, worship, offerings, death or rituals you will find lamps are associated with them, Nepal seems to have taken the lamp design and variety to a higher level. There are several examples of Nepal lamps on this website. And the theme includes Saraswathi, Surya, Ganesha and Donors.

Here is one more Ganesha lamp, a bit more elaborate depiction. This is an oil-and-wick lamp sitting on a high pedestal. Here Ganesha is surrounded by an elaborate Torana. Ganesha is sitting on his Vahana, a good-sized rat.

The lamp is 21 cm in height. The usage has left its tell-tale marks. This may be dated to the nineteenth century.

The scroll work on the base, the elaborate decorations on the Torana, Ganesha’s fluttering scarf, and the design of the Kirtimukha are typical features of Nepali sculptures. The design of the lamp, broad base, fluted columns, large oil reservoir and topped by a deity are probably unique to Nepal.


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