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To me and to most of the collectors,  an Indian bronze is defined by who/what it is, where is it from and when was it produced. Physical attributes like dimensions, weight and metal composition could be ascertained with varying degrees of ease or difficulty.  The physical attributes may help in answering questions about who/what, where and when and to that extent, physical attributes remain relevant.

I continue to get/buy bronzes for which who/what, where and when are not always obvious or answered in the published material available to me. This section is to solicit help/views from other enthusiasts. Will update these blogs as my research progresses or get help.

My contact is padmanabhan.sridhar@gmail.com.

30 Oct 2017: Have extended this section to include sculptures that I would like to know more about. These are normally in-situ sculptures and plan to include only those which I photograph.


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