Gauri and Linga on a pole

Gauri Linga

This is Parvati and Linga framed by a prabhavali. Two Dwarapalakas (Guardians), maybe Jaya and Vijaya, stand in guard. The prabhavali has flames on the outer edge and is topped by Kiritimukha (Face of Glory).

Parvati and Linga are on a two-level rectangular platform. There is Kiritimukha on the stem as well. An unusual feature. 

The stem is hollow and looks to have been part of a larger structure. Probably meant to be carried in a procession.  

This most probably depicts Gauri, another name for Parvati, worshipping Shiva in the form of a Linga, to get fairer skin. 

For the first time seeing Dwarapalakas in a bronze of this size. Normally you see Dwarapalakas on the doorways of temple entrances. May be this bronze is meant to represent a temple.

This is probably from North Karnataka. Have come across idols of Gauri holding Linga in her hand and sitting in the posture as in this bronze. It is about 16 cm in height. 

Zoom in to see the number of patterns chased on this bronze. Amazing details.

The purpose of the two loops on the sides and one at the back (not in the picture) is not known.


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