Ganesha on Vahana


Ganesha Nepal

One more Ganesha. This one riding on his vahana, a large rat. The rat measures 10.5 cm end to end.Ganesha Nepal (Back).jpg

Ganesha is four armed and his rear hands are holding lotus buds. His lower right hand is holding a spherical object and lower left had a flat object, maybe Pustaka (manuscript). He is sitting with his legs pendant. His trunk is turned to the right, an auspicious sign.

Ganesha’s five peaked-crown is topped by a fan like finial. Such finials are seen in Krishna from the eastern states of India. His scarf is another indication of its origin could be Eastern states of India.

A rectangular pedestal with tapered sides and incised design supports Ganesha.

This is made of brass and it looks to have been polished.  The bronze is about 11.5 cm in height. There is some ritual wear and it may not date prior to the nineteenth century.

It is not often you come across a Ganesha riding his vahana, rat, of this size.


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