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This is Siva, as identified by the drum and the Trishul in his hands. He is also adorned with Cobra. Other identifying features include third eye, crescent moon on his head and matted long hair.Siva back

This is probably from the 20th century. May even be from the second half of 20th century.

Not sure as to where it is from. Somewhere in North India. Consulted an award-winning Dhokra artist and he did not think it is Dhokra.

Seen a piece of similar style, Ravana,  on a dealer’s website (archived part) and the dealer had identified that piece to be from Rajasthan. Try Google image search for ‘Ravana bronze’.

The bronze is about 23 cm in height.

This is one of the exceptions on this site. I quite like the whimsical aspects (Siva with a moustache, like in Ravi Varma painting) of it, no matter which part of India it is from.


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