The standing Thirthankara is surrounded by twenty-three seated Tirthankaras, showing the entire pantheon of Tirthankaras.  In the absence of cognizance, it is not possible to identify Tirthankaras. Thirthankara back

Two of the Tirthankaras are protected by a snake hood over their head. They are Parasvanatha and Suparshvanatha.

On either side of the standing Tirthankara, there is a seated Yaksha and Yakshi. Their attributes are not discernible to enable identification.

The standing figure is most likely to be Mahavir, the last of the Tirthankaras. Over him is a Chatra. The Prabhavali is topped by Kiritamukhaa, the face of glory. The Kiritamukha is flanked by two birds (Parrots?). A pair of fans – Chamara (Normally referred to as fly whisk. Incorrect name in my view) is shown just below the Kiritamukha.

There is ritual/usage-related wear. There is no inscription.

This shrine is most likely from North Karnataka and it may date to the nineteenth century. The shrine is about 28 cm in height.

Thirthankara Prabhavali


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