Vishnu Triad (Central India)

Vishnu Triad Central India

This is Vishnu identified by the fact he is holding four attributes and wearing Vanamala. The attributes are not discernible except for the one in his left upper hand and it is Gada as suggested by the long handle. Vishnu Triad Central India side

Guess about the attributes is conch shell, chakra, Gada and lotus. Starting from his lower right hand clockwise. Vishnu is accompanied by his two consorts.

One of the interesting features are the figures at the top of the vertical portion of the prabhavali. Going by other examples I have seen ( Cat no 124, Volume I of Asian Art at the Norton Simon Museum by Dr Pratapaditya Pal)  they are Siva and Brahma.

The presence of seven-hooded snake suggested the bronze could be Balarama. But the presence of Siva and Brahma and the absence of Balarama’s attributes ploughshare suggest the bronze is Vishnu. Moreover Balarama has one consort and not two as shown here.

The list of features to note are several and includes the Kalasa on top of the prabhavali, creeper running up the sides of the prabhavali, the way the standing figures are braced to the frame, and the seven-hooded cobra.

It is unfortunate that there was an attempt to recut Vishnu’s face. But still, this bronze gives us a chance to peep into the past.

The bronze is about 13.5 cm in height. It is most likely from the region covering Central India and Uttar Pradesh. In terms of age, in my view, it is comparable to the Norton Simon example quoted above. That bronze is dated to the tenth century.


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