Venugopala Orissa Bengal



This is Krishna as Venugopala, the flute player. In this case, as it is more or less normal, the flute is missing. Venugopala standing in the typical style, with his right leg bent and crossed over the left leg. An inverted lotus supports the circular pedestal. The rim of the bottom portion is beaded.Venugopala Orissa Bengal (Back)

Venugopala’s hair is tied in a tiered top-knot and there is some ornament at the back of his head. But for that Venugopala is naked. This is intentional as the devotee is expected to dress him to suit the occasion/festival/weather.

Venugopala’s head is tilted to left and he appears to be enjoying his own music. It is a well balanced and graceful bronze.

The beaded rim is typical of Orissa region. This bronze is likely to be from Orissa/Bengal region. This bronze is about 21 cm in height and is quite heavy.  This may not any earlier than the nineteenth century.


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