Khandobha (Folk bronze)


Khandobha Right view

This is Khandobha with Mahalsa, his consort. Khandobha is closely associated with Siva. The Trishul in his left upper hand marks that association. In this case, Khandobha is identified through his Vahana, a horse, and his attribute Trishul.

This bronze is single cast. Unfortunately, the right upper hand is replaced. Somebody has taken pains to match the colours and it is difficult to notice, that is until you look at the attributes.

This is most likely from the Karnataka part of Deccan rather than from South Maharashtra. Khandobha left view

Though the theme is folk and depicts what is referred to as ‘Other Gods’ the features are classical, blurring lines between folk and classical bronzes.

There is considerable ritual wear and you can still see the deposits from worship. Adds to the charm.

This bronze is about 11 cm in height. This may date to the eighteenth century.



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