Khandobha and Mhalsa (seated)


Khandobha seated

This folk bronze is Khandobha and his consort Mhalsa. He is identified as Khandobha with the horse standing on the right lower side of the pedestal.

A simple ridged prabhavali defines the deities. Both Khandobha and Mhalsa are holding swords in their right hands and shield (cup) in their left hands. In classseated-bhandobha-mhalsa-backical bronzes, it would be unusual to see a goddess/consort holding weapons when accompanying their male counterpart. I am yet to come across one.

There are several examples of arms bearing goddess/consorts in folk bronzes. One other such example in Die Andereren Gooter (The other Gods), edited by Dr Corenelia Mallebrein (page 282, fig 213). In that example, there is a dog in addition to the horse. See also Bhairava with the consort in this website.

Khandobha rightKhandobha is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka and parts of Andhra. The primary temple is Jejuri in Maharashtra.

This bronze is about 8.5 cm in height. It is from  North Deccan. This may not be earlier than the nineteenth century.

Finish of the pedestal, simple elegance, the dignity of the deities and sturdiness of the bronze are worth noting.

Note:  More bronzes of Khandobha are scheduled to be published during 2017.


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