Rama in preaching mode


Rama preaching

Identified as Rama based on the Vaishnavite religious mark (Namam) on his forehead and the known iconography of Rama in preaching mode. This site has more examples of Rama in preaching/yoga position.Rama preaching (Back)

Rama here is seated in Lalitasana, with his right leg pendant. His right hand in Cinmudra, thumb and index finger forming a circle. The ornamentation is profuse and appears to be complete.

The ornamentation and folds in the lower garment are raised lot more than what is generally seen.

The square base is also unusual as it does not have any significant decoration. The most unusual are the loops at the back. Normally the prabhavali contain these loops. It is a bit of an aberration that the loops are attached to Rama’s back.

The bottom portion shows significant wear, but the figure itself does not show any significant ritual wear.

This is from South India and most likely from the Deccan region. This may date to the Nineteenth century or ever early part of the twentieth century. The bronze is about 15 cm in height.


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