This is Mahaganapati (Maha meaning Supreme) and refers to the form of Ganapati with ten arms and accompanied by a consort. Mahaganapati is one of the rare forms of Ganapati and is highly sought after.

The attributes in his hands should include the bijapura, club, sugarcane-bow, discuss, conch, noose, lotus, ear of paddy, the broken tusk and the ruby-pot. Not all the attributes are discernible due to the small size and ritual wear.Mahaganapati (Back)

The identity of the consort is always a topic for debate, as he could be accompanied by Riddhi, Siddhi, Buddhi or Lakshmi. The consort holding lotus in their hand does not provide any clues either. Temples for LakshmiGanapati is not uncommon. It is also a fact that Ganapati is a bachelor, making it bit more interesting while identifying the consort.

Note his vahana, a rat below his right leg. Rarely do you see Ganapati without his Vahana.

An interesting aspect of this bronze is the way the five arms are attached. See the back view. The lack of symmetry is intriguing. May just be an oversight on the part of the artisan.

This form of Ganapati is mainly from South India and this has some age to it. This may date to the eighteenth century. Its height is about 7 cm.

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